Well, these sure are weird times, huh? 2020, we did NOT see this coming! Sending love to all my artist friends, co-workers, and musical/theatre idols whose work has been indefintely put on hold. As we know. things are changing by the day, but here are some things I am doing at the moment:
I've been exploring a new instrument over the last year! Learning clawhammer banjo has been delightful, and in order to learn new songs and keep practicing every day, I've initiated a fun project called Tunesday. You can hear new songs (covers or originals) every Tuesday on my YouTube channel and SoundCloud page. Or just click on the "Listen" page on this website to hear them right here!
I'm so excited to be working for this amazing tour guide company: Forbidden Vancouver. I'll be in character as a woman from the 1800s as I lead guests around the old buildings and dark alleys of Gastown. Hopefully I'll be giving tours by this May so stay tuned...
I play with a band called Rogue Crows. We have some recordings we're very proud of. Check 'em out! '
I teach music here, and here.