Jurassic Parody: The Musical (Geekenders Theatricals)

“Jenkins’ voice was the high point of the show… as was her incredible stage presence.”
–A.V. Testani, The Peak

“Jenkins holds the stage in her iron claw. Her performance of “Tyrannosaur’s Lament”, a subtle rejig of “Whatever happened to my part?” from Spamalot, is absolutely riveting.”
–Chelsea Stuyt, Vancouver Presents

“Alison Jenkins as the T-Rex was a vocal powerhouse and although she has limited stage time, milked every moment of it with ease.”
-Cassady Ranford, Vancity Buzz

“Of the non-human leads, the chorus of “Clever Girls,” literally man-eating glamour-girl tap-dancing raptors and the diva T-Rex were the real stars of the show…”

“…actress Alison Jenkins owns it when she finally does show up. Everyone else is cute when they sing, but the Tyrannosaurus Rex is operatic. She dominates. She is a force of nature, and Alison Jenkins plays her like one.”
-Living Myth Magazine

Portal 2: The Unauthorized Musical (Geekenders Theatricals)

A link to the Georgia Straight’s article about Portal 2: the Unauthorized Musical:
Georgia Straight Review

Befana’s Star (BellaLuna Productions)
“Alison Jenkins played her notes just right.”

The Unplugging (Arts Club Theatre Company)

“…Alison Jenkins’s very cool score combines her own emotive vocalizations with lighter, jazzlike riffs.”
-Colin Thomas, Georgia Straight

“The production benefits greatly from its haunting soundtrack of female voices that melt in and out of the howling wind.”
-Erika Thorkelson, Vancouver Sun

“Alison Jenkins’ soundscape brings a unique atmospheric dimension to a unique production…”
-John Jane, ReviewVancouver

“The production, directed by Lois Anderson, benefits from a simple but atmospheric set… and a soundscape that combines a keening female voice with the howl of wind.”
-Louise Phillips,

“The judicious use of aboriginal music is complimented by the haunting sound effects from Alison Jenkins…”
-Mark Robins,

The Back Kitchen Release Party (Arts Club Theatre Company): “When this show cooks it’s on account of the music.” “Kudos to Alison Jenkins for her musical direction and arrangements…”
-Jerry Wasserman,

Nominated for a Jessie Richardson Theatre Award for Outstanding Sound Design or Musical Composition, 2005

The Winter’s Tale (Studio 58):
“…the Balkan songs employed by musical director Alison Jenkins contribute forceful melancholy.”
-Colin Thomas, The Georgia Straight

The Emperor’s New Threads (Axis Theatre):
“Alison Jenkins’s original music, with lots of accordion and textured percussion, evoked a circus…”
-Kathleen Oliver, The Georgia Straight

Medea (UBC Theatre):
“Composer/Musical director Alison Jenkins sets some of the choral passages to music with sorrowful Greek/Turkish/Balkan harmonies- a complement to what is, in every respect, a handsome, well-executed, excellently directed production.”
-Jo Ledingham, The Vancouver Courier

“[Alison Jenkins] delivers fantastic harmonies with heart-rending emotions…”
-Kate Barbaria, The Ubyssey

A Christmas in Wales (Chemainus Theatre):
“…the songs and dances set a mood that permeates the entire production.”
-Lexi Bainas, Cowichan Valley Citizen

No Great Mischief (Vancouver Playhouse):

“…the cast members make beautiful music…”
-Colin Thomas, The Georgia Straight

The Bloody Cleanup (Les Saints/NeWorld Theatre):

“Beaudoin was also inspired in getting Joelysa Pankanea and Alison Jenkins as composers/musicians.”
-Jo Ledingham, The Vancouver Courier